Sunday, August 27, 2006


Ok so talking about it got me angry again.

Why does the PCB continue to undermine the team in order to keep everyone else happy? I say enough is enough, and it's time to make a point. Be firm with assholes like Darrell Hair for once so they know not to mess. The only thing firm right now is the ICC's dick, as Shahriyar Khan goes about the task of licking it personally. There was no need for him to convince the team to go back out to play, because that shifted the focus to us begging for the match to continue, rather than us demanding proof. But this has been discussed to death, by everyone, so I will say no more.

Whatever. I hope our team kicks ass. Win a 5-0 series and go home with dignity well and truly intact. Inzamam Zindabad.

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omarhaq said...

holy fuck - uve been writing shit

good spelling