Sunday, May 13, 2007

only the nandrolonely

These steroids sure are taking a long time to wear off. It's been nearly a year now. He must have taken enough to kill about ten horses. Either that or he's been popping pills the whole time he's been away from cricket.

Either way, it is an impressive dosage, and if he can still play cricket after this, I can only applaud him. Only Shoaib could pull off a feat like that.



Ahsan said...

here's hoping he never plays again.

billu said...

Ahsan, I'm afraid I must respectfully disagree. As much as I meant for this post to be entirely sardonic, I am in fact a huge Shoaib fan. His antics leave something to be desired, of course, but I've always considered him an awesome bowler. (See here and here for a more elaborate defense of the man).

Ahsan said...

well, you'll have to wait until i finish writing my two papers for this quarter for a lengthy and substantive rebuttal (i've been planning a massive shoaib post on 5 rupees since the 2nd test in south africa, a game which was about as good a microcosm of his career as you could possibly want). but until then, my one sentence take on this is: shoaib, despite his talents, his too unreliable both insofar as his commitment as well as his physical fitness is concerned, for pakistan cricket to be hamstrung by his constant will-he-won't-he nonsense. it is time to cut the cord.