Sunday, February 25, 2007

adnan siddiqi is a choot

Some of you may have noticed that I cross-post my cricket posts on, a sort of combined forum for Pakistani cricket bloggers to get better outreach for their posts.

Well, I recently posted michael holding is a choot there, and here is a comment I received from a fellow named Adnan Siddiqi.

"Your voice could be heard if you had no't (sp) prefered (sp) to choose censored words. I hope you can make a difference between a personal blog and a collabrative (sp) forum?


First of all, I didn't prefer to choose "censored" words. No words in my post were censored. Mr. Siddiqi would like for some of them to have been, but they were not.

In any case, I recently wrote about the differences between the real argument for free speech and the not-so-important argument about being able to do whatever you want for no reason whatsoever. Well, here's an example of the former.

I am not asking Mr. Siddiqi to read my articles, and I am not certainly not asking his opinion on them. God knows I have a painful time trudging through his overlong posts to edit them. He does, however, get 100 times the hits I do, so he's probably doing something right... But that's not the point.

I also noticed that he has a link on his blogroll to a site called "Fucked Company." I can only assume he endorses this site. So my guess is that Mr. Siddiqi has one of two problems:

1. It is fine to cuss in English, but the word 'choot' is particularly offensive.

2. There is a difference between posting on and

Of course, he mentions that it's the latter, but I do have a sneaking suspicion that if I had merely substituted for an English term (say, 'pussy'), it would not be quite as much of a problem. In fact, I have written some pretty nasty things in English on that seem to have gone unnoticed, which is a particularly disturbing double standard.

As for the second point, I will admit that for a while I was hesitant to post darrell hair is a choot pt. 2 in its entirety on, but more out of respect for the creator of the site (Teeth Maestro) than anything else. But Mr. Maestro went on to express disappointment that I had censored the post, since he is a true champion for free speech. Add to this the fact that I am one of the three official site editors, and I set about the task of expressing my opinions in most unbridled fashion.

It may be a collaborative forum, but it is still a forum for free expression, and I should be able to use whatever words I wish, as long as I talk about cricket. That's what makes it interesting. If everyone expressed their thoughts in a predetermined template, there wouldn't be much point in collaborating, would there?

"Don't block the blog" is the word on the street among Pakistani bloggers. Well, don't temper the blog either, I say. Otherwise everyone's blogs will start sounding like tepid, watered down drivel...


Adnan Siddiqi said...

Since you are *promoting* Urdu via your writings, I would like to refer two statments of your own. At one side you say:

It may be a collaborative forum, but it is still a forum for free expression

while on other side you say:

I am not asking Mr. Siddiqui to read my articles, and I am not certainly not asking his opinion on them

dictating me? At one side you are chanting about free speech while on other side you got so pissed that yo just created a post in reaction. Hypocrisy which is called "Munfaqat" in Urdu.

First of all, you should know one thing that if you claim that you are free than readers of your post are free than you to express their opinion. Second I expressed my views in very lower tone otherwise I could speak in your *language* in much better way than yours. Thirdly , if you are part of this website then I am as well so I expressed my views as a member first rather a mere reader because I don;t give a damn what impression you get from such potty mouth language, all I had thought about the website readers. Fourthly, how the heck such lame thing came in your mind that it was some language issue, even if you had used the word "pussy" then I was going to express my concern similar way. The other thing you keep in mind that you don't matter me at all, even if it was mentioned by Awab then I was going to react similarly.

As far as the link 'Fucked Company' and your assumption, I just lauged at your stupidity, that name was not given by "ME" and I mention that entry just because that is one of the site I visit which gives info about screwed businesses around the world. Were you expecting me to translate it to something else? comeon! Don't be so silly that you are assuming that particular site is run by Me?

I was just being nice and didn't use any harsh word but as I have experienced that most of people who whine about FREE SPEECH appear as potty mouth freaks who are not blessed by elders in childhood. Also I know such free speech whiners would get ready to kill someone if someone use same freedom of speech tool against their parents,siblings or spouse. Hypocrites!. People like you have "Bastardized" the term "FREEDOM OF SPEECH.", people like you use this term as excuse to offend others.

Anyway thanks for making a post with such title. I am rather thankful to you, I rather encourage you to make more such posts about the people who disagree with you. I think you are an incurable case and I should rather show sympathy towards you.

I don't think that I have to respond you further. Keep it up coming. *grin*

Anonymous said...

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