Wednesday, February 7, 2007

darrell hair is a choot pt 2

Fans of will remember my very first post, in which I argued (quite eloquently) that Darrell Hair is, in fact, a choot.

It's now time to revisit that theme. To set the tone, I've deliberately put up a picture of him tugging at his dick under his coat to underscore, up front, what a wanker he is. Literally.

Darrell Hair is like a big, fat, ugly boomerang - no matter how far you think you've thrown him, he keeps coming back. The latest installment in this ongoing saga involves him trying to sue the PCB for racial discrimination.

Of course, the PCB is blaming it all on the ICC and all sorts of other rhetoric. But I want to try and follow this to its logical conclusion - which begs the question, on what grounds is Mr. Hair claiming that the PCB is a racist organization?

I can think of two possibilities:

1. Because the PCB suggested that he is a racist.

Hmm. I'm sorry Darrell, but calling someone a racist is not racial discrimination. In fact, it's kind of the opposite. It's actually discrimination against racism, which, unfortunately for you, is pretty acceptable these days. Too bad you weren't born 200 years ago.

2. Because he was removed from the "elite panel" and Billy Doctrove wasn't.

We all know Billy was just following your fucking orders, Darrell. Besides, there are more differences between you and him than your race. Or do you not see that...? Perhaps if this case doesn't work out you could try and sue the PCB for discriminating against fat people, or people who wear glasses on the field.

Or maybe they were discriminating against people who act like bastards and push people around and call them cheats without evidence.

Oh, wait.. that's acceptable too.


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omar said...

woah - haha - anger shanger!

post this on bloggers yo!

Teeth Maestro said...

Hey - I missed this post you definitely should have posted this on Cricket Bloggers of Pakistan.

Love the passion that you bring in your writings, its pure untamed quality.

Well done - I too don't have better words for chootiya ganja